Quality Control in Africa

//Quality Control in Africa

Quality Control in Africa

Inspections and Audits in Africa

  • Guaranteed on-site inspections anywhere in Africa within 48 hours for $309
  • Inspection reports are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection and include detailed pictures. You see what our inspector sees.

Quality Control Services in Africa

  • On-site inspectors provide assessments and troubleshooting as needed throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Compliance Enviro Services offers the highest caliber of inspectors within Africa. Our inspector network is highly trained and skilled in their areas of expertise.
  • All manufacturing audits (MA) in Africa conform to the internationally recognized ISO 9000 Standards for Quality Management Systems
  • Clients are allowed to modify or cancel orders up until 1:00 p.m. (Africa time) the day before the scheduled inspection at a Vietnam-based facility.

Supplier Audits in Africa

AI’s highly qualified auditors can conduct Manufacturing, Ethical, Structural, Environmental and C-TPAT audits of your Africa suppliers’ factories, helping you engage with capable and ethical suppliers. We conduct audits to a number of international standards, our own Best-in-Class protocol or your in-house requirements.
AI Supplier Audits in Africa help you:

  • Protect your brand against operational and ethical risks
  • Ensure safe and ethical working conditions in your supply chain


Get a comprehensive profile of your Africa supplier – before you give them your business.

Product Inspections in Africa

Inspect your product before it leaves your Africa supplier’s factory, and prevent quality problems down the line. We guarantee an inspector on-site of any factory in Africa within 48 hours, and the inspection report will be delivered to you on the day of the inspection.
Experienced AI product inspectors help you safeguard the quality of your product at every stage of manufacturing:

  • IPC – Initial Production Check
  • DUPRO – During Production Inspection
  • PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • CLC – Container Loading Check
  • PM – Production Monitoring

Obstacles with Doing Business in Africa

The 21st century has great things in store for Africa, which has been named one of the Next Eleven Countries. This designation indicates that, due to major investments, Africa has the potential to become one of the world’s largest economies in the years to come. This has come as a great boon to the country, which has benefited from this participation in the international business community.

This trend of investment has led Western-based countries to relocate production facilities within African borders. As a result, American, European, and Australian business executives must be able to rely on ethical and dependable on-site inspectors throughout the production process. Finding the right personnel for this essential job can be difficult. Quality assurance is crucial to a company’s reputation. Companies should be able to trust that their Africa-based facilities are running properly and efficiently in order to maintain their position and rise above their competition.

Inspection Agencies in Africa

Companies based in Vietnam can trust that our regionally based, on-site inspection agents are achieving and maintaining appropriate levels of quality control. Every step of production can be regulated through the use of a reliable inspection service. Our inspection services in Africa include the assessment of pre-production schedules and plans to ensure timely outcomes and adequate materials.


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